Say hello to the leadership team at CBTB

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at CBTB. Got questions for the lead team at CBTB? Contact us by clicking here.

Kevin Stanley - Lead Pastor

What's going on guys I'm Pastor Kevin and I have been in leadership at the Church by the Beach for 14 years. I have been serving as Lead Pastor for 4 of those years.

Dallas Schultheis - Youth & Executive Pastor

Howdy everybody, I'm Dallas. I'm the new guy on the block with a heart for students and young adults. As a Pastor and a Kingdom Player, I believe we experience God best in community and I can't wait to see where the Holy Spirit leads CBTB moving forward.

Margie Bienkowski - CBTB Kidz/Family Pastor

Hi, I'm Ms.Margie! I've had a long history of working in Children's ministry! I am so excited to have fun and teach your children about Jesus.

Dawn Hudson - Office Administrator

Hey my name is Dawn Hudson and I take care of the day to day business at the Church by the Beach.